Q&A: Will I pay tax on the income I’m receiving for housing Ukrainian refugees?

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"I rent out a small self-contained flat under the rent-a-room scheme. Since last July, I have accommodated two Ukrainian refugees in my house for which I receive €400 a month, increasing to €800 a month from this month. This will bring me over the limit of €14,000 for the year. The Government says the income

Building Wealth in 2023

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Building wealth in 2023 and beyond - Starting with savings To weather life's ups and downs, including a recession or job loss, a healthy savings account is critical as this will provide support if you get laid off, your self-employment income takes a sudden dip, or a major expense pops up. Saving money is also

Auto-enrollment given Government Greenlight.

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HUNDREDS of thousands of workers are set to benefit from a new pension scheme that has been finally agreed on by the Government. The much-delayed auto-enrolment scheme is expected to be introduced in the year after next. It has been decades since the idea for such a scheme was first mooted. Close to one million

KBC and Ulster Bank customers are facing months of ‘chaos’ over new accounts

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More than a million KBC and Ulster Bank customers face chaos as they try to switch accounts while the two institutions leave Ireland. People seeking a new bank are being blocked from opening a credit card account and getting an overdraft facility. The Central Bank has been urged to “get its finger out” and do more to stop the

Banks cleared to join shared equity home-buying scheme

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Article by Sarah Collins Irish Independent 25th November 2021 Lenders will be able to take part in the government’s shared equity home buying scheme, despite a Central Bank fear that it could push up house prices. In its second financial stability review of 2021, the Bank said it would amend its mortgage measures to clarify

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Rent family home and keep the cash in new Fair Deal revamp. Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien announces that income raised from family homes being rented out while their owner is in nursing home care will be exempt from contributions to the State’s Fair Deal scheme under soon-to-be-revealed plans. Irish Independent Article by Philip Ryan 27th

Financial Tips for Newlyweds

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De-clutter, update and keep paperwork easily accessible.   Develop a joint budget that realistically reflects day-to-day spending and big-ticket purchases and review it regularly.   Evaluate if moving assets into joint ownership is the better option.   List all debts and set a goal to pay them off and schedule time to re-evaluate.   Evaluate

When starting a new job

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Register on Revenue's on-line system, MyAccount.ie    Transfer Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut Off to new employer.   Join Company Pension & Protection Schemes to take advantage of (i) tax breaks on personal contributions into a pension and contributions your employer maybe willing to make (ii) Group Life Cover & Income Protection and (iii)

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