Our approach provides our clients with added reassurance and confidence.

Our approach provides our clients with peace of mind, added reassurance and confidence when planning for their future.

Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning is a client-centred approach that focuses on helping clients identify, plan, and achieve goals that are important and unique to them.

Our Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning service, Savvy Planner, enables our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the steps they need to take to maintain and enhance their current lifestyle and achieve their goals.

Savvy Planner works by combining experience and knowledge of Day-to-Day Finances and Budgeting, Family and Business Protection, Investment and Education Savings, Business Exit and Retirement Planning and Long-term Care and Estate Planning with advanced Financial Planning Methods and Cashflow Planning Tools to develop a plan tailored to our clients’ goals.

Savvy Planner

Stage 1: Lifestyle Financial Planning
  • Identify key goals and priorities as these drive the conversation, advice and financial planning recommendations

  • Discuss the importance of having a structure in place to take advantage of opportunities as they become available

Stage 2: Financial Planning
  • Assess current financial position

  • Identify key areas where advice is needed

  • Prepare a Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning Report detailing all findings and recommendations needed to attain key goals

Stage 3: Implementation and On-going Support
  • Provide targeted advice and assistance to implement the recommendations outlined in the Holistic Lifestyle Financial Planning Report

  • If needed, amend existing financial products or organise information on and set-up additional financial products

  • Outline the benefits of keeping your plan up-to-date to take account of changes that occur and identify and discuss the areas where on-going support is most needed

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