Planning sufficient funds for your lifetime goals in tandem with the tax-efficient distribution of your estate.

Planning for you to have sufficient funds for your lifetime in tandem with the tax-efficient transfer of your Estate.

As you accumulate wealth during your life, managing that wealth effectively becomes an important consideration. Typically, we find that our clients have two main goals: (i) have enough money to support their current and future lifestyle and (ii) ensure that their remaining estate is transferred to their next of kin as tax efficiently as possible.

Long-term Care and the financial impact it can have on wealth needs to be an important element of your overall plan. We will work with you to develop a strategy to deal with the cost of Long-term Care in the event it is needed in the future.

Once we identify what you need for your lifetime, we will develop a strategy for the tax-efficient transfer your remaining Estate to your family during your lifetime or after your death. You run the risk by not taking the appropriate financial and legal advice of greatly impacting the value of these assets when they are transferred to your next of kin.

The professional advice and planning we provide in this area achieve outcomes that significantly reduce the portion of your Estate that would otherwise have gone to cover Inheritance Tax. In recent years Inheritance and Gift Tax rates have increased while Tax-Free Thresholds have declined. For these reasons, prudent and efficient Estate, Long-term Care and Wealth Transfer Planning have become hugely more important and pressing concern for a growing number of people.

Tax Considerations:

With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we will work with your accounting, legal and tax advisers to guide and guide you to develop a strategy that fits your financial plan.

  • Retirement Relief

  • Business Relief

  • Agricultural Relief

  • Entrepreneur Relief

  • Business Exit

  • Family Home Exemption & Annual Small Gift Exemption

  • With proper planning, a tax liability can be mitigated significantly or removed completely

Wealth Transfer:

We will consider the following before making an appropriate Estate Planning recommendation.

  • Wills

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Long-term Care

  • Trusts

  • Section 72 Inheritance Tax Insurance Plans & Thresholds

  • Family Home Exemption & Annual Small Gift Exemption

  • Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) a spart of a Business Exit Strategy, ownership and transfer to next of kin

  • Structures to provide for Incapacitated Individuals / Dependants

With our knowledge and experience we are ideally positioned to guide you and help you build a strategy that fits your Holistic Lifestyle Financial Plan.