Having a Financial Coach in Your Corner

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A trusted advisor seeks to understand the financial needs, concerns, and aspirations of investors, serving as a coach to help them reach their goals. Link to Dimensional Fund Advisor Video  Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors, 22nd February 2024. How we help We can help take the effort out of this for you by demonstrating how this

Policymaker calls for two ECB rate cuts before the break in August

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The European Central Bank (ECB) must lower borrowing costs twice before its August summer break and two more times before the end of the year, without being swayed by the US Federal Reserve, according to Governing Council member Yannis Stournaras. “We need to start cutting rates soon so that our monetary policy does not become

Using the 50-30-20 rule to power your household budget

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The 50-30-20 rule is a common way to allocate the spending categories in your personal or household budget. The rule targets 50% of your after-tax income toward necessities, 30% toward things you don’t need—but make life a little nicer—and the final 20% toward paying down debt and/or adding to your savings. The 50-30-20 rule isn’t

Lifetime loans: how much of a risk is equity release?

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If you’ve ever been off sick from work and found yourself mindlessly channel-hopping British daytime TV, you’ll have been bombarded with adverts encouraging the over-55s to release equity from their homes. In recent years, celebrities from Eamonn Holmes to Carol Vorderman have fronted advertising campaigns for the products. In Ireland, the late Mick Lally was

The Importance of Debt Management

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Debt planning is critically important, and advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to provide this service. Here are practical strategies to successfully integrate debt management services into your practice and how each one benefits your clients. As a financial advisor, your role extends beyond simply managing investments and assets. To truly make a holistic impact on

Holly Cairns’ comments begged the question – will the next generation ever be able to afford to retire?

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When Holly Cairns claimed during her opening address to the Dáil as the new leader of the Social Democrats that she comes from the first generation that will be financially worse off than its parents, spats ensued on social media between baby boomers recalling the economic hardships of the 1970s and 1980s and younger generations who face

How to shape up your finances to secure a mortgage on that home

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“Want to go halves on a mortgage?” This tongue-in-cheek pick-up line on dating apps from millennials sums up a property market so unaffordable that house prices are now almost eight times the average salary. A desperation among millennials to escape stratospheric rents meant the number of first-time buyers drawing down mortgages soared last year to levels last

Helping Clients to Retire Well

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Helping our clients retire well One of the primary reasons clients are reaching out to us is to help them plan their financial security in retirement. Of course, as financial planners we strive to help our clients save money for the future, visualise what their retirement will look like and develop a plan to achieve

Fair Deal nursing home residents to keep more rent from family home

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Nursing-home residents in the Fair Deal scheme will from today be able to hold on to more of rental income raised from their family home, which could lead to around 1,200 extra houses on the market over time. Up to now, people availing of the Fair Deal scheme could retain just 20pc of money generated

Rethinking Your Career? Consider These 5 Things Before Making a Move

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Rethinking Your Career? Consider These 5 Things Before Making a Move, 1) Thoughtfully research where you want to go—and why It's one thing to be dissatisfied or want to make a change; it's another to know what will make you happier. Maybe you want to be more independent, or have more time with the kids, or you're

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