Having a Financial Coach in Your Corner

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A trusted advisor seeks to understand the financial needs, concerns, and aspirations of investors, serving as a coach to help them reach their goals. Link to Dimensional Fund Advisor Video  Source: Dimensional Fund Advisors, 22nd February 2024. How we help We can help take the effort out of this for you by demonstrating how this

Policymaker calls for two ECB rate cuts before the break in August

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The European Central Bank (ECB) must lower borrowing costs twice before its August summer break and two more times before the end of the year, without being swayed by the US Federal Reserve, according to Governing Council member Yannis Stournaras. “We need to start cutting rates soon so that our monetary policy does not become

Changes in the State Pension

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FOR some the State Pension, at about €14,500 pa, will be an important source of income in retirement. Significant changes in when the State Pension can be claimed apply from 1st January 2024, and from 1st January 2025 the way in which a new State Pension entitlement is calculated will be changed. A new option

A Few Thoughts on Spending Money

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There are two ways to use money. One is as a tool to live a better life. The other is as a yardstick of status to measure yourself against others. Many people aspire for the former but get caught up chasing the latter. Money is a tool you can use. But if you’re not careful,

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