Helping Clients to Retire Well

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Helping our clients retire well One of the primary reasons clients are reaching out to us is to help them plan their financial security in retirement. Of course, as financial planners we strive to help our clients save money for the future, visualise what their retirement will look like and develop a plan to achieve

Retiring Planning Opportunity

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In quick succession to the introduction of Master Trusts for One-Person Company Pension Plans and the announcement that Auto-Enrollment will commence in 2024, the Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe announced significant changes for Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) at Budget time. The changes, copper-fastened in The Finance Bill 2022, mean that Employer Contributions made on behalf

Q&A: Will I pay tax on the income I’m receiving for housing Ukrainian refugees?

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"I rent out a small self-contained flat under the rent-a-room scheme. Since last July, I have accommodated two Ukrainian refugees in my house for which I receive €400 a month, increasing to €800 a month from this month. This will bring me over the limit of €14,000 for the year. The Government says the income

Building Wealth in 2023

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Building wealth in 2023 and beyond - Starting with savings To weather life's ups and downs, including a recession or job loss, a healthy savings account is critical as this will provide support if you get laid off, your self-employment income takes a sudden dip, or a major expense pops up. Saving money is also

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