Enjoy Life Now and Still Save for Later

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Wanting to live well in the moment while saving for an enjoyable retirement can be a financial conundrum. The good news is, it is possible to do both. Balancing these two needs simply means making sure you are keeping your financial house in order while you are enjoying your lifestyle. Individuals can learn to balance

High Court told that investors in Custom House Capital funds will have €29m returned

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Almost €29m in assets misappropriated from clients of collapsed investment firm Custom House Capital will be returned to them soon, according to lawyers for the official liquidator. The distribution will bring to €41m the amount in recovered misappropriated funds given back to clients since the firm went bust in 2011 with total investor losses of

Fair Deal nursing home residents to keep more rent from family home

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Nursing-home residents in the Fair Deal scheme will from today be able to hold on to more of rental income raised from their family home, which could lead to around 1,200 extra houses on the market over time. Up to now, people availing of the Fair Deal scheme could retain just 20pc of money generated

Favourite ways to avoid huge bills for inheritance tax

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In many rural families, there is a special relationship between aunts or uncles, and their nieces and nephews. In some cases, aunts or uncles never married, and may have continued living on the farm, to look after their parents. In some cases, predominantly in the distant past, nieces or nephews went to live with their childless

The Longevity Issue – investors beware

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While the investment universe is currently consumed by inflation and interest rates, there are other factors at play which will, arguably, have a far bigger impact on longer term pension and investment returns than the current war between central banks and the CPI. One of these factors is the ageing population around the world. We

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