Favourite ways to avoid huge bills for inheritance tax

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In many rural families, there is a special relationship between aunts or uncles, and their nieces and nephews. In some cases, aunts or uncles never married, and may have continued living on the farm, to look after their parents. In some cases, predominantly in the distant past, nieces or nephews went to live with their childless

Credit Union – Importance of Completing a Nominations Form

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Nominations While none of us like to think about it, providing for your dependents in the event of an unexpected death is something we should all do. By choosing to set up a nominated person on your account you will be enabling your family to access funds at the time of your death without having

Estate Planning and Transferring Wealth

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Key Points to Consider: Despite the availability of Gift and Inheritance Tax Thresholds and Exemptions, Estate planning is still important no matter how big or small your net worth. Family dynamics can complicate transferring wealth and working with a Financial Planner and Solicitor can help you get things sorted. Talking with your family and loved

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