Homeless charity Focus Ireland asks Government to give small landlords a dig-out

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Focus Ireland has come out in support of landlords with a set of proposals for tax breaks to make letting homes more lucrative at small-scale. The homeless charity has published a briefing paper with Chartered Accountants Ireland calling for a doubling of tax relief on wear-and-tear, 100pc capital allowances for retrofitting and generous inheritance exemptions

How to shape up your finances to secure a mortgage on that home

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“Want to go halves on a mortgage?” This tongue-in-cheek pick-up line on dating apps from millennials sums up a property market so unaffordable that house prices are now almost eight times the average salary. A desperation among millennials to escape stratospheric rents meant the number of first-time buyers drawing down mortgages soared last year to levels last

Central Bank does not want powers to stop vulture funds charging sky-high mortgage rates

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THE Central Bank has told the Minister for Finance it does not want powers to cap the interest rates that vulture funds can charge mortgage holders. It comes as thousands of borrowers are at risk of going into arrears as they are being charged rates as high as 7pc by vulture funds that bought their

Financial Advisors or Life Coaches? Why Not Both?

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Advisor Perspectives welcomes guest contributions. The views presented here do not necessarily represent those of Advisor Perspectives. As financial planners, some of the most important conversations we have with clients are not about money – at least, not exactly. Oh, sure, we spend a lot of time in discussions with our clients about money and finances that

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