People who lose their jobs to receive enhanced Jobseekers’ Benefit under legislation before Dáil this week

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The legislation providing for Jobseekers’ Benefit payments linked to work history will be brought before the Dáil by Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys this week. Jobseeker’s Pay-Related Benefit will bring Ireland in line with other EU countries, a statement from the Department of Social Protection said, “and will ensure that people with a strong work

Pensions industry challenges ‘benefit’ of auto-enrolment State contribution

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Compulsory workplace pensions will leave even standard-rate taxpayers less-well-off than under existing pension arrangements, according to numbers presented by a senior industry figure. The State contribution of €1 for every €3 invested by a worker under auto-enrolment has been described as more beneficial for those paying tax at the lower rate who may be less

Inflation and the Impact on Your Retirement Nest Egg

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The news media of late has reported on various indicators like the Consumer Price Index (CPI) showing the inflation rate receding from its recent highs. However, looking back to the mid 1960’s to the early 1980’s, inflation came in waves. History shows that it is possible that inflation will not recede in a linear fashion

A Day at the Races

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Sometimes it is easy to distinguish luck from skill. Other times, maybe it’s not so straightforward. Let’s try a simple thought experiment designed to calibrate our appreciation of the problem. Let’s say someone calls 20 coin tosses in a row correctly; is that luck or skill? I think we’d all agree it was luck. However,

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