Uncertainty Is Underrated

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“A wave of new scientific discoveries reveals that learning to lean into uncertainty in times of rapid change is a promising antidote to mental distress.” –Maggie Jackson, New York Times1 For many people, uncertainty is something to avoid or at least mitigate. But what about the positive things that uncertainty can bring? Without it, there would

Pepper customers face huge interest hikes after error in mortgage calculation

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Pepper Advantage Ireland has identified what it says is an error in its mortgage repayment process which has led to monthly mortgage repayments for approximately 2,500 borrowers being lower than they should be. However, those customers will now see their monthly bills rise dramatically as multiple interest rates totalling a huge 4.5 percentage points in

Surge in borrowing to buy electric cars, while green loans for home improvements also up

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There has been a huge increase in the value of car loans, figures from lenders have shown. Households are also taking out more “green loans” as well as borrowing for home improvements, holidays and special occasions such as weddings. The value of all loans taken out hit a high of €552m from July to September

PRSA the Future Pension contract of choice?

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Personal Retirement Savings Account or PRSA’s were introduced in 2003 where for the first time Employers were obliged to offer a PRSA facility to their employees. The product was rolled out by  insurance companies however given its overall structure and remuneration incentives, its uptake was extremely low. Pension changes in 20 years since the launch

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