Everything you need to know about pension contributions

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Q1: I’m self-employed. How much can a pension contribution reduce my tax bill by? A1: If you are self-employed and pay tax at 40 per cent and you make a pension contribution of €10,000 then this will reduce your tax bill by €4,000. Q2: Is there a limit to how much of my earnings I

They Came, They Saw, They Incinerated Half Their Potential Returns

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In recent weeks, we’ve written several articles about how a strategy of doing nothing –eschewing trading and letting investments ride – would have fared. To sum up, we found a do-nothing strategy would have improved the risk-adjusted performance of the S&P 500 and S&P/TSX Composite index’s holdings. What we didn’t examine was whether a do-nothing approach would

Budget 2024

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Budget 2024 was delivered by the Minister for Finance, Michael McGrath today, click Budget 2024 PDF to access changes announced.   How we help We can help take the effort out of this for you by demonstrating how this would work for you and your family and providing you with one cohesive Holistic Lifestyle Financial Plan.

PRSA Contributions – Points You Need to Consider

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This blog outlines a number of points to keep in mind the following points when setting up and contributing to a PRSA: Whilst the ability to make large contributions to a PRSA appears to be here to stay, it is worth speaking to your financial advisor about this opportunity now.   Excess fund tax is

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