The Importance of Debt Management

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Debt planning is critically important, and advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to provide this service. Here are practical strategies to successfully integrate debt management services into your practice and how each one benefits your clients. As a financial advisor, your role extends beyond simply managing investments and assets. To truly make a holistic impact on

Revolut set to enter mortgage market for first time

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Revolut is set to begin selling mortgages. The financial payments company says it is hiring staff with mortgage products in mind, although it has not put an exact timeline on its market entry. The company’s intention to enter the Irish mortgages market was first revealed by the Irish Independent 10 months ago. "We're focused on

ECB announces a 10th interest rate rise in move that piles pressure on borrowers

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Borrowers are being hit with a 10th interest rate rise by the European Central Bank in a move that is set to suck billions of euro out of household budgets. It had been hoped that after nine hikes in lending rates, the ECB would decide to pause hiking rates again this month. But fears that

What Are Emerging and Frontier Markets?

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Emerging and frontier markets are often seen by investors as exciting and risky. In this article we try to pin down an investing universe world that spans, at least alphabetically, from Brazil and Vietnam. Organisations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations may have slightly different methodologies for explaining

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