6 strengths of great advisers that clients may perceive as weaknesses

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In this post I will be sharing my thoughts on the strengths that great advisers demonstrate, which some clients may deem as weaknesses. Most mature money management and financial strategies are counterintuitive and against conventional wisdom. Modern media and access to ‘free’ information is maybe our biggest threat and our client’s most destructive influence. The

Investors Expect Investment Returns Twice as High as FAs: Survey

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Financial advisors looking to bring on new clients have a receptive audience following the recent economic turmoil — but they may need to temper some expectations, according to a recent survey. Having to face inflation has made 64% of investors see the importance of professional financial advice, Natixis Investment Managers says it found in a survey of

How Different Countries Confront The Retirement Challenge

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Investors in many markets are facing a common challenge: increasing responsibility for building savings to meet their needs in retirements that are lasting longer.   The fuel behind this fire comes from multiple sources: public or social security pensions often provide no more than a basic retirement income, fewer companies are offering defined benefit schemes to

David Booth in the Financial Times: Why the Wisdom of the Market Crowd Beats AI

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Can artificial intelligence help pick stocks? More specifically, can investors use AI to determine the fair price of a stock or a bond? I bet a lot of people right now would say yes, given recent advances that allow for the processing of ever greater amounts of information. I think my AI is better than

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