Does it Pay to Diversify by Style?

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Equity exposure can be broadly segmented by market capitalisation (small, mid, and large) and style (value versus growth). Correlations within equity groups tend to be fairly high, although small-cap stocks tend to have the lowest correlations with the broad market. In our recently published 2023 Diversification Landscape Report, however, we found there can be significant

Most people aim to retire by 60 but are unlikely to have the finances in place

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Most workers would like to retire at 60, with others eager to leave employment at an even younger age. But one in 12 say they never want to fully retire, according to a survey commissioned by insurer Royal London Ireland, and carried out by iReach. The research found that six in 10 workers would retire

TDs asked to dial down discussion of mortgage relief as ministers seek creative solution

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Government TDs are being asked not to encourage talk of mortgage interest relief being restored in the wake of the seventh ECB rate hike since last summer. Ministers are telling them that increased home-loan service costs will be “looked at in the lead-up to the Budget”. The Department of Finance has anticipated increased interest rates

Want to Invest Successfully? Stop Trying to Make Sense of It

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Just over a year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, an appalling act rightly condemned by the world. In the immediate aftermath, experts weighed the economic impacts, with many projecting sharply higher commodity prices. The prediction made sense: a Russian oil embargo would crimp supply, sending prices higher, or so the thinking held. What happened? Brent crude-oil

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