Are you due a refund? Nearly 500,000 workers paid €600 too much to the taxman

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Households have been urged to check the income tax they are paying after it emerged that hundreds of thousands of people are overpaying on their PAYE income every year. The call comes after it emerged that close to half a million people overpaid a total of €300m in income tax last year alone. Over the

Pension prep: 5 things to do in drawdown (when you retire)

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1. Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Analysis will help you check where your money goes and plan for how you want to spend throughout your retirement. In retirement, your cash flow needs are unlikely to remain the same over time. In the early years of retirement, you may want to travel and have adventures. In

Pension prep: 5 things to do when nearing retirement

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1. See an adviser On-going engagements with your financial planner could make all the difference to the direction of your retirement. While an adviser cannot change the basic retirement maths of 'the more you’ve put in, the more you’re going to get out', they can help ensure that you're on the right track and will

Pension prep: 5 things to do in pre-retirement (age 44 to 55)

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1. Think about the type of retirement you want In order to plan effectively, you need to understand your likely financial needs. This is not pounds and pence, but a broad brush idea of how much you'd like to travel, whether you'll still have any dependents and whether you will keep some element of paid

Pension Prep: 5 things to do in the Accumulation Stage (age 18 to 44)

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1. Save as much as you can as early as you can afford It's difficult when there are so many competing demands on your salary, but money saved today is worth two or three times as much as it would be if you put it in your pension 20 years from now. €1,000 invested at

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