Stock Market Returns Over Different Time Periods (1872-2018)

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Putting hard-earned money in the stock market can make some people nervous. It’s well known that a correction can occur at any time, and the fear of market crashes can make even the most seasoned investors to make questionable decisions. While it’s true that putting your money on the line is never easy, the historical

Warren Buffett — 8 tips to help you come out ahead of Inflation

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Inflation was significantly worse than expected in October, with consumer prices soaring 6.2% from a year ago. That inflation rate was the steepest in more than 30 years, with energy, housing, food and cars leading the way. When prices began accelerating earlier this year, some experts, including the "Oracle of Omaha," rang the alarm on

7 Important Questions a Financial Plan Can Help You Answer

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Key Points: Financial Planning is for those starting out as well as more seasoned / wealthy investors. A financial plan answers real questions to help you make better day-to-day decisions and reach financial goals and it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. The seven questions outlined below, demonstrate how a Financial Plan can be

Changes coming into effect under The Finance Act 2021

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The Finance Act 2021 was signed into law on 22 December 2021 and included some important updates for clients who have an AMRF and / or a Vested PRSA. As these changes have a far-reaching impact, we wanted to share the key points of the Act with our clients and highlight the actions that Pension

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